Raising the bar with a new public theme for NationBuilder

Note: Raise was developed as a public theme for NationBuilder, and is therefore available to all NationBuilder users. Use of the Raise theme is not an endorsement by Van City Studios. Van City Studios only works with organizations who meet our ethical guidelines.

Building on years of experience working with NationBuilder-powered clients and working closely in collaboration with NationBuilder HQ, we’re proud to announce the launch of Raise — a new public theme for NationBuilder.

Raise is a modern, functional, versatile, and mobile-friendly NationBuilder theme built on the Bootstrap 4 framework. Raise is designed to be easy to use and versatile — you can use it for your organization’s flagship website, a single-page microsite, and everything in between.

Theme Highlights include:

  • Raise is built to work with many of Bootstrap 4’s native components & utilities
  • Raise is fully responsive, and designed to look and work great on devices of all sizes
  • Create an engaging homepage with full-width, modular homepage sections and featured content sliders
  • Action forms included in sidebars for petition pages, endorsement pages, signup pages, and more
  • Fixed navigation menu that stays with you as you scroll
  • More intuitive UI design for nearby event search, user generated events, suggestion box pages, and more
  • New profile card design for directory pages, leaderboard pages, public profiles, and more
  • New expanding & collapsing accordion design for FAQ pages
  • Three different colour options available
  • And many more features

Check out a demo of Raise here, and explore the official theme documentation here.

Get in touch with us to learn how you can get the most out of Raise.


Ryan Vandecasteyen
About Ryan Vandecasteyen
Ryan is Van City Studios' chief strategist and design expert.
Check out Raise, a public theme for @NationBuilder by @VanCityStudios:
Raising the bar with a new public theme for NationBuilder
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