The Basics

The Basics

Content blocks in your email are created by adding subpages. Each subpage will be a separate content block.

When adding a subpage, select "Basic" as your page type, and set the page status to published (unpublished subpages will not show up in your email)

Adding text to your content block

Add text content in the content editor for that subpage and it will show up in your content block.

If you are copying and pasting content from another source, make sure to use the "Paste and match formatting" option in your browser's edit menu to paste your content into the content editor. If you don't, a bunch of hidden formatting may be pasted along with your content which may break the look and feel of your email.

You can use the content styling options (bold, italic, underline, links, text alignment, etc.) in the content editing toolbar to style your content. You can also use the Heading 1 - Heading 5 styling options in the styling dropdown menu to style your content.

To make sure your email blast looks great for all recipients, we recommend sticking with the built-in styling options and avoid adding any custom HTML via the 'Source code' editing option.


Wrap any link in the button short code, and it will appear as a button in your email.

For example, this link wrapped in the button short code in your content editor:

Will appear as a button in your email:

[button]Your Link Goes Here[/button]

Note that you can use the alignment options in the content editing toolbar to adjust the alignment of your buttons, and you can adjust the color of your button using the color utilities described further down.

Content block order

Content blocks will appear in order based on publish date, with the oldest appearing at the top.

The Basics
The Basics
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